How Does A Red Dot Scope Work

Ammunition lovers have always wondered how a red dot scope works because of its practical functions. With the below content, you will be enlightened about the detailed features of this device and how they help facilitate usefulness for end-users.

Note that this equipment is efficient across various occupations, and the simple illustration of a red dot scope is equipment that helps monitor or determine range during shooting exercises. With this instrument, you will determine the best position to aim your target and how to stay hidden without the prey sensing your presence around.

This device is of different types and is always available in the nearest shooting range store. The latest version can project the exact image of your target instead of thermal body heat.

History of red dot scope

The founding father of this equipment is Howard Grubb, the same inventor of the telescope. After developing this equipment, Howard also played a significant role in the invention of periscope and other optical devices.

His first red dot scope invention is at the top of a sighting house with few features like the lens, reflective material & glass. However, this gadget was seen as too essential because it could only project a nostalgic image of the target at a specific point, i.e., the target shown by the lens is always in infinity.

With this flaw, people still use this tool with the intention of more upgrades or effectiveness over time. However, the red dot scope is efficient in shooting as numerous experts have helped develop a better version as technological advancement continues. Compared to a handgun, this equipment is more efficient because you can always aim at a target irrespective of range.

How does this equipment work?

A gun expert in the US said to understand how a red dot scope works, you need to assume it is like an advanced optical tool. Unlike a primary lens that projects images, this equipment uses a spherical mirror to reflect the intended object’s light image into its focal point, making it look like the prey is much closer than before.

The image of the target identified appears conspicuous with a spherical reflector which contains a special coating that helps to erase other light colors to make the user concentrate on a single aim.

It is like using a LED glass to observe a sample or prey. The equipment helps angle your image view by preventing other light rays, thereby making you focus only on a single aim. MOA is the terminology used to measure the size of a red dot scope. Although the size across different equipment varies, the aperture hole located in the front of the LED helps control the equipment.

If you want to aim for a long-distance target, get a more considerable red dot scope as they cover more vast space. Smaller dots are effective for moderate distance making the user hit their aim in just a single shot.

Another military veteran explains that a red dot scope is a practical visual object which helps to identify and aim targets irrespective of distance with no hassle.

In his expression, he stated that this technological gadget helps project targets with the help of a special coating to produce a green or red image that appears in a single plane.

Importance of red dot scope

If you plan to get this gadget soon, below are some common reasons people love this equipment.

Easy to use

When using this item, you do not need to struggle with how it operates, as you only need to look through the glass to aim your target. Although some experts always advise having a sunglass whenever you want to use this device to help aim the target better.

With red dot scope, you only need to mount it on your ammunition, and there is a high success rate of meeting your target swiftly.

Swift target acquisition

If you have a prey you would like to catch and want swift equipment which would assist in aiming better, consider using a red dot scope today. Irrespective of your target range, this equipment would bring it closer to your view, so you would be able to shoot to kill with just a single bullet. Also, unlike the first model, which produces infinite images, the latest designs will project the prey’s exact appearance, making it easier for you to aim your perfect spot.

Project perfect view option

For individuals who have one or two eye-related deficiencies, you can still consider using this device. However, you don’t necessarily need to put it close to your eye as the target project is bold to aim for a perfect spot.

Individuals on glasses can always enjoy its effectiveness as there have been little or no reported side effects. In addition, the red dot scope is adequate because you necessarily don’t need to put it close to your eye before shooting your aim.

Flexible usage

People love this equipment because it works on numerous gun types with no hassle. In addition, unlike other gadgets where you have to be sorting for its specific gun type, the red dot scope can perform effectively on ARs to shotguns.

Also, they are available in different models. Red dot scope models vary according to distance, so if you plan to get any soon, ensure your choice covers more distance. For more options check the comprehensive guide from Ellett Brothers.


To own a red dot scope or the traditional rifle scopes is not an arduous task. You only need to make the necessary inquiry on the specific choice you want and the distance it covers. To learn more about this equipment, you can research or inquire from a professional in this niche.

With a red dot scope in your capacity, your target is sure to be aimed with just a single shot. So why the wait? Get yours today.

Understanding Your Rangefinder

We want to talk about range finders, a few of the terms and the principles you need to understand for a range finder to be your useful tool out in the Hills, and know that if you want to get the deal of the century.

If you want to learn more about rilfes and and little pulled optics or even just a rangefinder, go to, it’s cool blog for beginners. One most important about how to make sure your rangefinder is aligned properly so it’s giving you the correct reading, you can see that on their website, but today we just want to talk about what these numbers mean and the trigonometry of shooting uphill and downhill.

Leupold Rx-1600i TBR

Leupold Rx-1300i TBR

So I have a little Leupold RX-1600i TBR Laser Rangefinder and Leupold Rx-1300i TBR Laser Rangefinder.

Each of them have a little bit different the 1300 and the 1600 tell you at those distances that’s how far out this should give you a reading if you have a good target. So that the pulse of the laser can go out and be reflected back.

When you’re shooting steep uphill steep downhill angles are just some things you need to know and I want to quickly touch on those. So we have this thing called line of sight or LOS as it’s commonly called.

Line of sight (LOS)

That is the distance between where you are at and where the target is line of sight. If you’re into geometry and trigonometry is the hypotenuse of the right triangle, this longer distance of line of sight will often throw you for a loop.

The reason being is gravity only works on the horizontal distance, so what these angle compensating rangefinders are meant to do to give you your true ballistic range. In other words it does the trigonometry where it measures.

You’re at the angle and the line of sight is out there, we can use trigonometry to quickly and immediately tell you what your true ballistic range is. In other words, what is the horizontal distance upon which gravity will apply against your bullet. That takes a lot of the guesswork out.

Remember in the old days, dad or whoever would say: when you’re shooting uphill or you’re shooting downhill, you need to hold low or you’ll shoot right over the top of it and in your mind you’re like well why is that?

Because it might look like it’s 300 yards out to there but gravity’s only working 200 yards, because it’s such a steep angle, you hold for 200 yards, you set your dial if you have dials like the c.d.s system, you will set your dial for the true ballistic range not the line of sight

So when it comes to range finders, the two key terms are LOS (line of sight) and TBR (true ballistic range) and whether it’s archery, whether it’s a rifle, you want to know your true ballistic range.

So there you have it folks TBR leupold TBR true ballistic range angle compensating ranges finders take care of all that guesswork take care of all the headache for you.

How to Choose an Optic for Your Rifles


How’s it going into daily shooter and there’s going to be a quick and condensed article on how to pick an optic for your rifle.

This is definitely one of the most asked questions that I get everyday. People basically have bought a rifle, they want to put some type of glass on it and they’re not exactly sure what direction to go in. I typically only ask two questions, those questions pretty much.

We’ll get down to the minor details that you’re looking for and those two questions are:

What’s your budget and what do you want to use it for?If you have the answer to those two questions, you know exactly what you want.


The first question was what’s your budget and that’s a really important one, because once you’ve established your budget you want to forget about all other optics outside of that budget. Because they may have features that are going to be distracting and might you lead you in different directions that aren’t really very helpful. So look at only the optics that are in the the budget that you’ve established for yourself.

What do you need the optic for

The next question that I ask people is what do you need the optic for. What’s the primary role and function of this optic once it’s mounted on your firearm, if your answer is I need something for medium to long ranges for either let’s say hunting or competition. I’m going to steer you towards a fully magnified optic, something that might be a little bit heavier that has a larger objective to it, and a higher magnification range but something that’s going to be perfect for hitting something out let’s say past five or six hundred yards. That larger objective is going to be able to give you a wider field of view so you can find your target even when you’re fully magnified and the higher magnification range is going to reach out there to those targets, that are sitting at 1000 yards maybe, and you need to get up there and do a nice precise shot with a good clear reticle.

So something that has a large objective and a high magnification range is something that I’m going to point you in the direction.

If you say you want something that’s magnified, so you can still reach out to 100, 200 or 300 yards even accurately. But you want it for competition. then I might steer you something. That’s a little bit away from a large objective and something to a smaller objective like this twenty millimeters one point five to four point five magnified optics.

This is good for the Three Gunners, somebody who wants something lightfast and maneuverable that may have to shoot targets. They’re up close and further away both are magnified but two completely different uses for different answers. And to clarify what I mean what I’m saying fully magnified optic is an object that even at its lowest variable setting is still magnified like this optic right here is a 3-9 optic, and when you bring it, all the way down to its lowest setting it’s still three times magnified.

If you’re the type of person that answers that second question and says I want something for home defense, I want something for personal defense of my life, of my property, I want something for even competition but my competition doesn’t require any long-range shooting or even just for plinking. I’m probably going to steer you in the direction of a good red dot. Depending on your budget and red dots are nice In the fact that they really do run. The entire gambit when it comes to price ranges, you can get a lot of great features even if you don’t have a really big budget. That’s definitely something that’s nice. What red dots are good for is everything from extremely close range out to medium ranges, so you could still hit something at 300 yards like I said before, but maybe not so precisely so what I like these for is anything from zero yards out to about 200 yards, that’s my sweet spot when it comes to a red dot. I can hit things fairly accurately with that. Also you have quick target acquisition, you have an illuminated reticle, so with that illuminated reticle, it’s going to help you acquire your target at night time. Maybe not so much acquire your target but it’s going to be able to help you put that reticle on your target even in low-light situations.

The different things you’re going to get are either, a very nice small precise dot which is good for precise shooting. A medium sized dot that is going to be good for targets that are primarily up close and you’ll even get dots that have let’s say 65 MOA ring reticle to them. That are just perfect for up close shooting and pretty much up close shooting only, so if you’re that type of person that really wants something for SHTF, you want to defend your life, your liberty, your property. I would probably point you in the direction again of a red dot and you can get a magnifier for a red dot, but you know what? To me, magnifiers are great again only if you’re going to be shooting out to 300 yards or even 400 yards, but you want a little bit better precision in that long range shooting? To me, they’re not the best typically, they come around 3x magnification all the way up to six times magnification, but you’re still talking about a red dot with a not so super accurate reticle. Now the optics that you see here.

I’ve had four long time other than the Nikon P-223 that’s fairly new to my collection.

What Size Scope for Long Range Shooting

For the various types of shooters, there comes a time when you’ll find yourself engaging in long-range shooting. When it comes to long-range shooting, scopes have to be introduced into the equation. Taking shots from over a thousand yards is fun and fascinating; however, it is also a challenging process when it comes to hitting your target.

It implies that for you to be able to be on top of your game as a professional long-range shooter, you’ll need to get the right scope size that is suitable for your long-range rifle. If you’re in the market for a quality long-range scope, whatever your long-range shooting options are, its best for you to get the right scope with the right size that can be equipped on your long-range rifle

There are so many options available when considering long-range scopes. Having the feeling that your scope can enable you to take a shot over a thousand yards sounds pretty awesome, especially when it’s well equipped with quality features that will make your long-range shooting task effective.

However, the right scope is needed to achieve this feat, or else your long-range shooting will turn out to be a frustrating effort. We have come up with some of the top-quality scope sizes that are best suited for long-range shooting.

Comparison Table

 Leupold VX-6   Nightforce (ATACR F1)  US Optics (ER 25)  Swarovski Long-Range Master X5(i)  
Scope Lens:  7 – 42 X 56 MM5 – 25 X 56 MM5 – 25 X 58 MM3.5 – 18 X 50 MM
Scope Reticle:  TMOA plusMil – RMIL Scale GAPMOA
Scope Focal Plane:SecondFirstFirstSecond
Scope Eye Relief:4.20 – 3.90 inches3.35 – 3.54 inches3.5 inches3.7 inches
Scope Weight:  26.30 Oz38 Oz2.50 pounds28.6 Oz
Scope Length:  15.5 inches15.37 inches18 inches14.4 inches

Top 4 Scope Sizes Best for Long Range Shooting

1.       Leupold VX-6

The Leupold VX-6 has different variants that all come with various magnification features. Most of these magnifications meet the requirements needed for long-range shooting. It comes with 7 – 42 power that is quite excellent for all aspects of long-range shooting.

The 4 – 24 power seems like a perfect option for hunting. Leupold VX-6’s reticle offers exceptional elevation and windage; the high clarity of the scope helps in producing a high level of light transmission. It has a diamond coating that gives the lenses a very brilliant view and also protects it from getting scratched. One fascinating aspect of this scope is that it’s made from an excellent material called T6 aluminum (aircraft grade). The Leupold VX-6 is shockproof and waterproof. The Leupold VX-6 is an ideal scope for the professional long-range shooter. 


Scope length: 15.5 inches

Scope weight: 26.30 Oz

Scope Eye relief: 4.20 to 3.90 inches

100 yards FOV: 16.3 TO 2.7 FT

Scope objective lens: 56 mm

Scope Reticle: TMOA plus

Scope focal plane: Second

Scope magnification: 7 – 42X

2.       Nightforce (ATACR F1)

The ATACR F1 scope is a top-quality first focal plane long-range scope that is specifically designed for powerful long-range rifles. Nightforce is a popular brand in the world of long-range scopes. This brand is responsible for manufacturing most of the best long-range scopes available in the market today.

A throw level is put in place in the ATACR FI to enable shooters to be able to explore the twenty various magnification features easily. The throw level is also combined with the brands xtremespeed thread for quick adjustments on the diopter. This scope comes with 5 – 25 power which is suitable for various aspects of long-range shooting. 

The nightforce (ATACR F1) is designed for semi-automatic rifles due to the high precision levels they produce for calibers that are over 30. The ED scope glass that comes with this long-range scope gives it a brilliant clarity that rivals every other option. The reticles come with various variants that are accompanied by an MOA for windage and elevation. The nightforce Hi-speed zero turn turrets make it possible for the MOA to be adjusted at will. When it comes to scopes that excel in over a thousand-yard shot, the Nightforce (ATACR F1) fits into such categories. 


Scope weight: 38 Oz

Scope length: 15.37 inches

100 yards FOV: 18.7 to 4.92 FT

Scope Eye relief: 3.35 to 3.54 inches

Scopes focal Plane: First

Scope objective lens size: 56 mm

Scope magnification: 5 – 25X

3.       US Optics (ER 25)

The US optics (ER 25) scope comes with a 5 to 25 power that is distinctively made for targets that exceed 2000 meters. For a long-range rifle scope to exceed 2000 meters means that this particular scope was created to be unbeatable. This scope can sustain a brilliant clarity on every magnification level without blunders.

When it comes to unclear weather conditions with low lights, the US Optics (ER 25) comes with lit up reticles with 12 various brightness levels. The material used to design this scope is none other than the t6 aluminum that is sturdy and durable.

This sturdy nature of the material makes it possible to use in various long-range shooting aspects like tactical shooting and hunting. The Us Optics (ER 25) will give shooters value for their money due to its high precision capability for long-range targets.


Scope weight: 2.50 pounds

Scope length: 18 inches

100-yard FOV: 16.6 to 5.3 FT

Scope Eye relief: 3.5 inches

Scope Reticle: MIL Scale GAP

Scope Focal plane: First

Scope objective lens: 58 mm

Scope magnification: 5 to 25x

4.       Swarovski Long-Range Master X5(i)

The Swarovski long-range master X5(i) is a premium type of scope that produces high-level clarity. It has 3.5 x 18 power with an objective lens of 50 mm. The small lens can enable the scope to be mounted low. This lower positioning of the scope makes it possible for shooters to be able to take a more precise long-range shot.

It comes with various reticles that enable the adjustments of the elevation and windage. The light transmission comes with a high level of up to 91 % that introduces brilliant clarity for the shooter. The Swarovski long-range master X5(i) is also built with a durable material that is fog resistant and shock resistant, which makes it very efficient for field activities.


Scope weight: 28.6 Oz

Scope length: 14.4 inches

Scope Eye relief: 3.7 inches

100 yards FOV: 30 to 6.3 FT

Scope Focal plane: Second

Scope reticle: MOA

Scope objective lens: 50 mm

Scope magnification: 3.5 – 18X


Long-range shooting is fascinating when you’ve got everything right from the right scope to the correct sizes. It’s not just about the scope quality, knowing the fundamentals of long-range shooting and getting the proper scope that is suitable for your long-range rifle also matters.

So, when considering what size scope for long-range shooting, I’ll like you to consider the scopes we’ve listed in this article and check the list from experts on for top long range scope on the market. Check out these scopes and their specifications to help you to know the actual scope size and quality you need for your long-range rifle. 

Veteran shirt

A veteran is a soldier with years of active service in the military, either in the army, Airforce, or navy, and was discharged under reasonable conditions or retired. The position of Veteran is not restricted to one gender; we have male and females in the force that became veterans. 

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As one whose father or mother was always away serving their country, you would agree that it takes one with strength, courage and bravery to do such. Having a veteran parent is peculiar as you are also accorded respect, with high expectations to be excellent at all you do. Being a Veteran daughter is an honourable thing. Celebrate your Veteran parents at remarkable events with a shirt that says ”Veteran daughter” and be proud of it. 

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