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2015 Shoot Schedule

OSTA Banquet
March 8
Cardinal Shooting Center, Merengo

Fun Shoot
April 11 & 12

Apache Bowhunters

May 2 & 3
Ross County Bowhunters
Chillicothe, Oh

June 6 & 7
Blackhoof Bowmen
Jamestown, Ohio

July 11 & 12
Rushcreek Sportsmen
Belle Center

August 1 & 2
Hocking Valley Sportsmen

September 5 & 6
Claylick Bowhunters

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Standing Rules Voted Down

Notes from the President Matt Fout

And it rained and it rained and it rained………and by some miracle we actually had nice weather for our fun shoot.  We had a pretty decent turnout with about 80 shooters each day.  Thanks to those at Apache for altering the course a little to keep us high and dry.  I think it all worked out pretty well.  We did not hold a business meeting at this shoot due to the fact there were only a handful of members left at meeting time.  I know there were a few folks with ideas and suggestions so please write them down and submit them to me asap so we can go over them with the executive committee before the next meeting. 

Those of you who wish to compete for ‘shooter of the year’ this year, you need to make sure your membership is up to date by the first competitive shoot which will be May 2-3 hosted by Ross County Bowhunters.(my birthday weekend by the way, Joy)  We have our new competition score cards in, which will only be used for competition.  I will be going over the rules briefly on Saturday at the meeting but, it is each member’s responsibility to read and follow the rules if shooting for competition. 

We have finally received a backstop that is not defective for the kids range.  Hopefully we will have it all figured out and in use at Ross Co.(my birthday, Joy)  This netting is only rated for 40 pound traditional gear so please don’t shoot into it with heavier weights.  Let’s make this investment for the kids last.  Ed Jarvis also had some backstop material he is donating which will be quite useful.  Thanks again Ed.  We loaned out several kids bows and arrows at the fun shoot.  Hopefully, that is a good sign we are doing something good for the youth.  We also had a few bows donated by Jason Egeyed (I can never say it right, let alone spell it) but thanks buddy.  As a little add on to for the kids, I would like to have a movie night for the kids starting at Ross Co.(Peach Cobbler,Joy)  I plan on showing an archery related movie/cartoon (probably Brave or Robin Hood) at 7 pm complete with popcorn.  Dan will not be at Blackhoof so we need a few folks to step up and help out with the kids shoot on Saturday.  Please get with Dan or myself if you are able to help. 

The Women in the Outdoors through the NWTF have contacted us again this year to put on a traditional bow station at their event June 13th at the Johnstown Sportman’s Club.  The effort last year was a good success.  We had a good time and taught several women about shooting trad equipment.  Some followed up and came to our OSTA shoots.  We could use a few people to help instruct.  Please contact me or Dave Huff if interested.  I believe we already have 4-5 so another few would do, even if you can’t stay the whole time.  Some lighter poundage bows are also needed if anyone has any they can let us borrow. They are also going to be doing a Jakes Day for kids 5-17 yrs old on May 23 and would be interested in having us set up a station that day. 

If you haven’t seen it, be sure to check out the stars and stripes bow and the commemorative quiver Dave Huff made. Those will be raffle items for the state shoot.  Tickets will be sold at each shoot.  More items will be on display for the raffle as the year goes by.

Best of luck to everyone in turkey season.  See you at Ross Co. May 2-3.(Joy, Peach, Cobbler)  If anyone needs a better map or directions than what was provided please contact me.  Also, Joy, if you didn’t pick up on the subliminal messages, please contact me.


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This is a blog site sent to me by a very good friend from England, Wally Robson. We met at Cloverdale a few years ago and he took some ideas back home and organized this event to have the same fun with his "mates". Good to see how brothers of the bow enjoy our common love of archery across the pond.

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