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1.    No sights.
2.    No Stabilizers.

3.    No mechanical releases.

4.    For competition, foot must touch the stake.

5.    No range finders.

6.    Scoring is 10 points for the target (ears and hooves included) and 20 points for the entire kill area.

7.    Longbow and Selfbow must shoot wooden arrows, anything else constitutes Recurve Class.
Men and Women Longbow
Men and Women Selfbow
Men and Women Recurve
Ole Timers, 50 years plus
Boys/Girls Youth, ages 14-18 (at 16, can choose to shoot adult)
Cubs, ages 11-13
Peewees, ages up to 10

1.    Must be a member by first shoot of the year, don't have to shoot all of the shoots.

2.    Score will be valid on the
FIRST TIME the course is shot.  Any additional shooting must be done on that course.

Example:  If at the State Shoot, where we have two courses, you shoot course "A"  for score on Saturday, you cannot practice on course "B", then shoot "B" for score on Sunday.

3.    Must adhere to the equipment rules for your class.
4.    Must follow OSTA rules.

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