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This History is dedicated to
Sonny Iman
Whose memory will live long in our hearts.


We also honor the memory of
Leona Melick , George Hilf, Charlie and Lucille Williford, and Scott Gensert.
True friends that are greatly missed!
The History of OSTA
This page will link you to photos, documents, old newsletters, and other items to help remember those who worked so hard to get us where we are today. Items will be posted as we get them, so if you have anything from the past to add, please contact BuckeyeMike or Joy Cornelius.

Here are copies of old correspondence. You will enjoy these!*

"Reflections", a look back at OSTA's first Year.

"A day in the Life of the President", by Hoot Gibson. "Shoot For the Heart", Wayne Robinson
  "My Turkey Hunt", a classic by Hoot!  

 Photos from "ye olde days"

Thanks to Wayne Robinson for the new additions!


The OSTA Constitution

*These are reproduced WITHOUT permission of the authors, but Karen and Kathy gave them to me, so take it up with them! :-)