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The name of this Association shall be THE OHIO SOCIETY OF TRADITIONAL ARCHERS (indicated) in abbreviation as OSTA, INC.  THE OHIO SOCIETY OF TRADITIONAL ARCHERS (OSTA) shall be governed by an EXECUTIVE BOARD comprised of the current officers, i.e. President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, as well as a BOARD OF ADVISORS consisting of (3) members in good standing selected by the Executive Board.  This Group of members will lead OSTA to the best of their abilities, always working and looking out for OSTA’s best interests.  Any member of the Group for future reference shall be referred to as the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE and shall be able to call an emergency Board meeting should the need arise.


The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall set all shoot dates as well as arranging any and all agreements with Clubs holding these events.





The purpose of the OSTA, INC. shall be:


  1. To foster, expand, an perpetuate the practice of bowhunting with traditional equipment in the State of Ohio;
  2. To encourage the use of the traditional bow and arrows in the hunting of all legal game a predators.
  3. To improve, increase, and protect the privileges of the bowhunter; and
  4. To cooperate with the state government as sportsmen in the conservation of game and its natural habitat – the forests and fields.





Membership, upon approval of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, shall be granted to anyone who has signed a pledged to use the traditional bow and arrows of required weights and avowed to their good moral character and sportsmanship (deliberate falsification of this information on an application will result in expulsion or denial of membership).


The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE may suspend or expel any member.   Anyone who has been convicted of unlawful acts of fish and game laws will be subject to suspension.  All suspensions or expulsions from OSTA, INC.,  MUST be voted on unanimously by the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE .


Memberships are valid from 01 January of the current year to 31 December, regardless of the month in which dues are paid or a new member joins.





The officers of OSTA, INC., shall be the PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, SECRETARY, and TREASURER.  The group shall also be known as the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE as previously stated.  In addition, three (3) members shall serve as the ADVISORY BOARD.  Together, these groups shall be called the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE .


Each officer shall fulfill the duties that are normally implied by the titles of each office and as they are empowered by this Constitution and it By-laws as so instructed in this document.  These officers must agree to abide by the OSTA, INC., constitution for the term of their office.


The PRESIDENT shall be the Chairman of all meetings in accordance with Roberts’ Rules of Order.  The PRESIDENT shall have the right to appoint committees and to oversee said committees.  The PRESIDENT shall be responsible for overseeing all negotiations with host Clubs in making the arrangements for shoots.  The PRESIDENT will oversee all shoots and activities of OSTA, INC.


The VICE-PRESIDENT shall assume the duties of the PRESIDENT if the PRESIDENT is unable to uphold this position.  The VICE-PRESIDENT (Range Captain) shall oversee any need work parties as well as setting targets, stakes, course markings, and safety measure for each and every OSTA function in coordination with the host  Club for making sure that the course is a safe and true traditional one for the participants.  The stipulations for a traditional course shall be targets set at approximately no more that 25 yards with (1) at a thirty yard limit.


The SECRETARY shall be in charge of mailing all correspondence involving OSTA, INC. .  The SECRETARY shall maintain files for incoming membership applications, newsletter articles, as well as any and all OSTA, INC. information and correspondence and, with the assistance of the Officers, will oversee or handle any newsletters, advertising, special mailings to membership or potential host Club advertising as well as flyers and bulletins.  The SECRETARY shall handle all set-up, printing, and mailing of newsletters.  The SECRETARY will keep records of all OSTA members’ applications as well as presenting patches and membership cards as needed.  The SECRETARY will be responsible for taking and presenting all minutes of each membership meeting.


The TREASURER shall be responsible for keeping accurate financial records for OSTA, INC.   All approved monies to be spent will be disbursed by the TREASURER.  The TREASURER will be responsible for counting and recording all proceeds for an OSTA, INC., shoot and for properly dispersing monies to the host club accordingly.  The TREASURE will make copies of monthly bank statements and profit/loss statement and forward this information to the PRESIDENT as well as presenting it at each membership meeting and/or newsletter.


The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall consist, as previously stated, of the Officers and Advisory Board.  The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall discharge such duties that may be assigned to it by OSTA, INC., membership, shall act, in the event of emergencies, and shall direct the business of OSTA, INC.  The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall be governed by the spirit and purpose of the constitution and By-laws of OSTA, INC.  all members of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall have equal voting on all OSTA, INC.  business, etc.


As previously stated, the terms for each Officer shall be two (2) years.  The terms for each Advisory Board members shall be one (1) year.  Any members of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE may be impeached if any serious allegations arise concerning their ability or integrity as an OSTA, INC., EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE member.  They will first be given the opportunity to stat their case before the remaining EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE members prior to disbarment.





The ELECTION OF OFFICERS shall be carried out by the vote tally (either by a show of hands or written ballots) at the annual State Shoot held labor Day weekend each year with the current SECRETARY in charge of the tallying of said votes (with the exception of the office of SECRETARY at which the VICE-PRESIDENT shall preside).  Nominations for offices to be filled each year may be made at each and every membership meeting leading up to the State Shoot meeting.  The new body of OSTA, INC. officers shall have the responsibility of selecting the ADVISORY BOARD members.


The terms of each office shall be for two (2) years with alternating year elections for PRESIDENT and SECRETARY follow by VICE-PRESIDENT and TREASURE.  All officers fulfilling their terms in good standing may be placed on the ADVISORY BOARD by the current EXECUTIVE BOARD.





In order to qualify as an official business meeting of OSTA, INC., the date, time and place for the meeting, must be announced at least two (2) weeks prior.  There must be in attendance the following:  two (2) Officers, one (1) member of the ADVISORY BOARD, and at least four (4) current members of OSTA, INC.   No voting will be accepted without the preceding requirements having been met.  General membership meetings shall follow Roberts’ Rules of Order with a ten (10) minute time limit per topic of discussion.





In the event of the dissolution of THE OHIO SOCIETY OF TRADITIONAL ARCHERS (OSTA, INC.), all OSTA, INC. monies/assets shall be donated and distributed as follows:


  1. Ohio Chapter of NBEF (National Bowhunter Education Foundation) – Ohio Chapter % George Hilf, 4834 Henley Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43228, (614) 878-8422;
  2. Windsong Ranch for Life Limited Children % Bill Wooster, President, 2626 Tische Road, Rock Creek, Ohio 44084, (440) 563-5103, www.windsongranch.org.


The current Officers of OSTA, INC., shall be permitted a $750.00 spending limit on any single purchase/investment.  Any expense exceeding $750.00 MUST be approved with a vote from the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE .


Any theft of monies and/or assets of OSTA, INC., by a member of OSTA  shall result in expulsion of office/membership and immediate prosecution.  The member in suspect shall have the opportunity to state his/her case before the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.  If the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE finds the member to be guilty of the allegations against them, he/she shall be immediately relieved of their duties/membership and prosecution measures shall commence.



ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION – accepted 11/1989

Amendment proposals – presented/not voted on 01/1993

CONSTITUION AMENDED – 2003 [Constitution Review Committee – Executive Board (Sneyers, Anderson, Murray, Gesner), Advisors (Knisely, Frick), Membership (Denney)